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Ayahuasca, the miracle plant medicine?

If you have either purposely or synchronistically stumbled upon this article, I am  assuming  that you are already interested in Ayahuasca, and the use of psychedelics for healing purposes. 

One question I get asked often is has your Ayahuasca experiences helped to create miracles in your life? And do I feel plant medicine is a miracle?

The short answer to that question is yes, and there is a bit of work that comes with that miracle.  

In 2017, I was blessed to have an opportunity to participate in my first ayahuasca ceremony. Here’s a link, take a peek.   It was life-changing, as I viewed my possibilities in life and the love that I had around me drastically different moving forward.

The medicine called me back


Life has had its ups and downs and in May 2022 I was down for sure. Spirit had plans for me that I know for certain.  I was given the opportunity to attend Rythmia for one week of ceremonies. This was divine right timing for my life and exactly what I needed. This time, I would be at a beautiful resort in Costa Rica, surrounded by support from doctors, shamans, and mental health professionals if needed. This allowed me to feel very safe as I knew I was going to go into a deep healing process and would need a helping hand.


What to expect with Ayahuasca 


As we know ayahuasca is a plant-based psychedelic most often served in what  is a tea form, which is not a tea more of a shot glass size of medicine. For my science loving people out there one of its active ingredients is called DMT,N,N-Dimethyltryptamine.  Just a side note, if you Do Not like the taste of black licorice or chicory, I would bring scope to your next ceremony.  

Ayahuasca is meant to put you in a dream-like trance state where you can explore your own inner non-ordinary reality for deep self examination, review, rewriting of the past and renewal. As I lovingly referred to her as mama Ayahuasca, she will give you information in the forms of symbols, memories, songs, intense feelings, She will use anything she can to assist you with your healing. Ayahuasca translates to “of the soul” and depending on your intention that you have set before going into ceremony, you can go deep with your soul to have conversations & realizations to help you on your spiritual evolution. 


Aliens & Ayahuasca 

From the moment I arrived at Rythmia I could sense there were what I’m referring to as galactic friends hanging out in the sky. During the first night of ceremonies, I got confirmation of this. It was a rough first night for me as I was processing a lot of grief, but then I saw the roof of the Maloca come off, and I saw what I can only describe as a mothership, hovering above us. I  looked to my right, and saw another tiny ship outside of the window. I was curious and excited to see what was going to happen next. 

I saw a large ramp come out from the spaceship and what I can only describe as Star Wars looking ball like robots rolling down the ramp, headed directly towards me. These Star Wars- like robots  circled the bed I was on and popped open one by one and turned into little minions,yes the yellow ones from the movies.  At this point, my inner child had completely taken over and I was super excited and wanted to play with them all. 

Here comes the weird stuff


The minions  were all very playful and friendly to me. I then saw  a galactic octopus healer disembark from the spaceship and come around to my left side. It was clear  he was the leader, as the little minions straightened up quickly and followed his direction to put the suction cups on the back of my legs and back. I saw how all the emotional gunk that no longer served me was being sucked out of my body with the suction cups. While this was occurring, the octopus healer told me he was going to work on  heart healing for me. All of our communication throughout my experiences happened telepathically. I did not speak a verbal word to them. 

As the ceremonies continued throughout the week, I received a visit each time from this octopus, galactic healer. At our last ceremony, I told the healer that nobody in the logical world was going to believe my experience and asked that a mark be left on me to validate my story.

 Want to see the mark left? 

The Bonds we make 

 At breakfast when I shared my experience with others, it was fun and interesting to hear others had similar experiences and healing as I did. I consider myself extremely lucky, about a dozen gorgeous souls  I bonded with at Rythmia we have all stayed close contact with each other. We even gather a few times a year for ceremonies of our own.

The bonds we make with the people we choose to heal with are deep & profound.  I am ultimately humbled, and grateful I have these wonderful souls who understand the type of crazy that goes on during ceremonies and we can laugh, love & bond together. 


How to Prepare for a psychedelic ceremony



Prepare mentally and physically: 

Choosing to participate in ayahuasca, psilocybin or other psychedelic medicine for healing is a big brave step in your personal healing.   Psychedelic therapy can be intense and emotionally challenging. It's important to be mentally and physically prepared before your session. This may include abstaining from drugs and alcohol while starting a practice of mindfulness or meditation and getting enough rest. Facilitators often recommend adjusting your diet to less processed foods and sugars and adding more fresh vegetables, fruits, & grains.


Set intentions:

Before your session, take time to set intentions for what you hope to achieve through the therapy. This could be addressing a specific issue or simply exploring your inner self. If you work with a therapist, speak with them to go over your intentions of healing.  


Create a safe and comfortable environment: 

The setting in which you undergo psychedelic therapy can greatly impact the experience. Create a safe and comfortable environment  with calming music, comfortable seating or bedding and low lighting. Always have at least one person you trust who is sober to help facilitate and make decisions.  Trust yourself, if the situation doesn’t feel safe or something is off, delay the ceremony until you do feel safe. 


Trust the process: 

Psychedelic therapy is Not a quick fix and the experience can be unpredictable. Trust in the process, and be open to whatever comes up during your session.


Integration after psychedelic ceremony:

Usually, the ceremonial facilitator or shaman will offer group calls to check in how the group is integrating the information and healing they receive during the ceremony into their real world lives. I also recommend speaking with a therapist and let them know how your process is going.  Be aware you could feel open, raw, even vulnerable to the world emotionally, this is normal.  Take care of yourself and your energy. 

If your facilitator dosen't offer intergration calls here is a resourse you can reach out to. Altered States.


Let me know in the comments, what was your experience with psychedelic healings?

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