Spirit Energy is still around you helping your through life
Get your business ahead
Get your business ahead
Using Intuitive business coaching to help you grow and manage your business


Healing takes time and the answers to some of our most baffling questions come along in unexpected magical ways, when the time is right. This has been my experience.

We are all born with wonderful abilities to contribute to helping others in this lifetime. I am constantly amazed at people who have the ability to paint or sculpt works of art, play multiple instruments or build a skyscraper. But some of us, like myself are born with abilities that we are unsure of or how to use them for the highest good. 

Growing up I did not give myself the permission to pursue these abilities instead suppressed them out of fear instead of embracing them with love.


Mouse here........


Then the time came when I reached a destiny stop in this life. I had a choice to break down and face the all-consuming negativity and the fear that had become my own personal sarcophagus or to continue exist in a world of fear. I wisely choose to put all that I thought I knew aside and embrace life, love and my abilities.

I was directed to nurture, cultivate and embrace my abilities and to quit suppressing them. That is when my entire perspective on life changed for the better. I was blessed with wonderful mentors who introduced me to multiple spiritual modalities to help me be of maximum service. 

As I tapped into my abilities I was blessed with miracles taking place in myself and in those who have been placed in my path. I adopted the life mantras of

“I trust my infinite God,” and “No fear, no doubt, ego out!!!.”

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