Tracy St. Croi talks to the dead in this mediumship demonstration

Experience Spirit

If you have not seen a demonstration of platform mediumship you are in for a new and expansive way to experience Spirit communication.

In a mediumship demonstration (or demo for short) an audience is invited and gathers around while the medium stands up in front of the audience to bring through messages from your loved ones; or not so loved ones. Mediumship is like charades with Spirit where I will speak about what I am seeing, feeling and hearing from a deceased loved about their lives on this earth to those in the audience.

Loved ones will tell me about their occupations, children, hobbies, habits, and much much more. I ask the audience to expand beyond their immediate family to see if they know the Spirit who is communicating.

I am always surprised to hear who comes through to deliver messages. Old college professors, roommates, lovers, colleagues, school mates and so much more. After the Spirit has given me a hand full of details I open it up to the audience and ask who can recognize the evidence given. Once the recipient is located and we are sure we have a match I will bring through a message from the loved one.

Messages based in Love

Spirit is only going to bring through messages based in love. The most common styles of messages are ones that assure the loved one who is here that they (deceased loved one) is doing just fine.

What to expect

Demo’s of mediumship even though we do deal with serious issues is meant to be an audience involved event. We choose to keep:

  • The atmosphere uplifting in the room
  • Having clear verbal responses
  • Laughter, clapping
  • Encouraging words to the recipient after the message is delivered.

I love working for Spirit and the joy I see in those I deliver messages to is priceless. Thank you for popping into my site and I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Messages based in Love

Messages of healing nature and assurance that your loved ones support you in your goals here on Earth is another common message. They will also let us know how they are still present in our lives today by giving us signs or telling us about a recent event they were present at during our lives.Evidential mediumship purpose is to leave you feeling inspirited, relieved, uplifted and possibly a greater sense of faith.

See you there x