Spirit Energy is still around you helping your through life
Get your business ahead
Get your business ahead
Using Intuitive business coaching to help you grow and manage your business


I am a highly trained and tuned in psychic who gets her information in multiple ways. I am highly accurate and will most likely provide advice on all matters of things even in subjects that I am not technically familiar with. I receive information in quite amazing and multi-dimensional ways.

I work with my own guides and can clearly hear them audibly which is called clairaudient. When I ask a question, they typically discuss the answer among themselves and provide context and other information that will enable us to bring full information to your awareness. For example, if you ask me about a disagreement with your business partner, I may have insight into their “thought process,” for example, the guides may tell me that your business partners is worried about cash flow but does not have malicious intention. I simply pass along the information the guides tell me to my client, which has led to many “ah ha!” moments.


Some things you should know, prior to beginning a reading,

  • I say a prayer to ensure that all messages received for you are given only out of Divine light and love.
  • Always knowing my guides and angels are working with your guides and angels to convey the highest and best information.
  • I generally start the reading by addressing what issues Spirit wants a client to be aware of right now.
  • Clients may come to me wanting insight about their financial future, but really what Spirit wants them to address is getting closure and forgiveness with a loved one and these unexpected messages may be very helpful.

The only request I have during a session is that all participants have an openness and willingness to receive the information that Spirit delivers.

I do recommend bringing a list of questions and topics to cover during any reading. But please do not show me the list or tell me what is on it. Often times we will cover all your topics and discover more during the reading.


Why not schedule some time with Tracy, at your convenience, and find out what spirit has to say for you


Besides audible information, I receive information by “feeling." For example, if you ask me a question about someone who is lonely I may feel a chest pain which represents a heart ache, and I will intuitively know that there is someone else in that person’s life whom they haven’t let go of yet and still have lingering regrets about.

cake imageI also visually see symbols and images which is called clairvoyant. For example, in a recent reading about a business matter, my client asked me about a potential contract negotiation,

“Can I have my cake and eat it too?”

At first the answer was unclear but then I received a vision of the guides eating cake! This was a crystal clear message, and demonstrates that the guides can be quite humorous in the way they give messages.

I am also clair-cognizant, which means I know information about a person or situations without having any facts, background or knowledge base. As an example I will often know you have just recently gotten over a bad illness, and don’t want to ever see a doctor again. Or, I could say

“take the cruise to Greece and Turkey this summer”take a cruise

and have no way of previously knowing you were looking at cruises to the Mediterranean last night.


Spirit and me combine together to create solutions and resolve to life’s challenges that come along and trip us up. This certainly can be an interesting process, but our goal is to help and empower you to bravely go out and face this world we live in.

I would like to put you at ease, let you become aware, I do not discuss or share any of your information with others. Your reading and any information that is shared is strictly kept private and personal to you.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of working with you and enabling me to help you tap into the guidance of Spirit.

Blessings and honor,

Tracy St. Croi

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