Change your mind, change you life

Most of us have grown up hearing statements, beliefs and judgements so frequently that as adults we can find our lives are being managed by them and we may not be fully aware of this.

As an adult I found myself having constructed a “spaghetti highway” in my mind with twists and turns everywhere but I had no direction re-framing and no way of asking for help.

This spaghetti highway expanded into every issue of my life from relationships to money, fears and beyond. I was going nowhere fast and I knew I needed to get to the core of the why and how I kept getting back on the spaghetti highway to nowhere. I also needed methods that were practical, easy, fun and re-latable to me that I could continue to use for my growth.



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What I discovered and gratefully share with you are methods to view where the issue(s) originated and see how they have worked into your life unbeknownst to you. We replace the outdated patterns with new inspiring healthy patterns to jump start change for the better. Old or stuck emotions and patterns have energy and need to be released to allow for healing and fresh inspiration to come in.

In a session of Re-mapping we will address what issue(s) you feel are frustrating or perplexing to you. We utilize your subconscious mind where all of your memories and feelings are stored to give us a deeper sense of what is really occurring at a soul level. Our subconscious mind holds the keys that allows us to have “Ahhhaa” moments which helps us to release old or stuck ways of thinking or feeling and uploading a new pattern. The images and feelings you will experience in a session vary from person to person but they will have significate meaning to you and only you.


Sessions of Remapping give you a solid foundation to new beginnings in multiple areas of your life. After just one session of Re-mapping can leave you feeling empowered with new clarity a few new awesome tools in the tool box.

You simply need to be aware there are no “quick fixes” out there to magically transform your life in just a few snaps and claps. If you come across someone/something that claims to fix all for you in a few shakes of a tail feather I advise you to turn around and walk the other way. When you set your goal to self-evolve and have a joyous, healthy, fun and amazing life it takes patients, love, time, and having the correct tools in your box. To experience lasting and evolving results you are required to work on your issues daily and utilize the awesome tools you have to make your life an extraordinary one.

To begin we recommend three one hour sessions of Re-mapping to receive a full and well balanced re-start.