Spirit Energy is still around you helping your through life
Get your business ahead
Get your business ahead
Using Intuitive business coaching to help you grow and manage your business

Trust Your Magic Not the mayhem

Have you been overwhelmed and your fears exacerbated by feeling stuck, confused or frustrated? Honestly, all you want is a bit of clarity and a spark of magic to move you forward.

Yep, I have been there where I experienced sudden and shocking changes that seemed to come in waves, one right after the other.

I thought this is happening for me???? Being in the metaphysical realm for a while I knew to thrive through this I was going to need every tool in the spiritual tool kit and a few new ones as well.

Out of the ashes of chaos and disorder came clarity

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This 3 session process is designed to give you a new map of your life to follow and create your desired life. You get a chance to know yourself & how you came to be in the place you are currently in a deeper and more magical way than ever before.

We start by looking at your past; this life and others to see what got you to this point in your life. We do this with by investigating the past with an observer’s mode of seeing things without an emotional charge. Spoiler alert: We meet Spirit Guides and allies that we didn’t even know we had access to assist us in retrieving helpful information from our past.

We then move on to the present and investigate what parts of your map need an upgrade and renovation utilizing the Re-Mapping strategy. We get to see where you are currently, to move you forward. We utilize our spirit guides and learn to work with 3 key questions to assist us in retrieving vital information.

In the final session, we take a few journeys to experience your future possibilities with all the new allies you have met along the way. This is where more clarity and confidence come into play so you can move forward with intuitive confidence.

Have you asked yourself?

Why do I feel so stuck in my life?

  • I want to move, change career or leave a relationship but I am scared to.
  • My life blew up, now what???
  • How did I end up in the same place again???

These are not simple one-statement answers, this is going to take some time to investigate to get a clear map.

Trust Your Magic, not the mayhem was created to grant you a 360 view of where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to go from here. Trust your magic is a catalyst for you to ignite your magic and move your closer to your desired life and have a clear map to do it.

Are you ready to Trust Your Magic, not the mayhem?

  • We all have divine magic within us, lets bring yours forth to co-create a life of your dreams
  • Lets get you moving closer to the life of your dreams.
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