Spirit Energy is still around you helping your through life
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Get your business ahead
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My requests during a session is that all participants have an openness and willingness to receive the information that your loved one gives to me. I do not recommend the use of alcohol or illicit drugs before aMeeting hands spirit reading with me as this does not make the reading “go better”. As a channel for Spirit I don’t have any control over who comes through to speak with you. Your hope could be to speak with your dad but your uncle comes through to deliver a message. I tell clients that I am the phone and "I call Spirit", who answers for you is always a surprise.

You might be asking, "How does she get her information?" The information from your loved one can come to me in multiple ways.

  • I am clairsentient which means I literally feel your loved one, and what it was like to be in their body. I often feel the personality of them and any pain, or illnesses they had while still here on earth.
  • I am also clairvoyant, which means your loved ones will show me symbols that I can than relate to their life. For example, when I am shown the American flag I know this person either served in the armed forces or is closely connect with someone who did. I am often shown what they looked and dressed like and activities they loved to do.
  • My clairaudients allows me to hear your loved ones and what message they have to convey.

It is mine and Spirits job to bring you the evidence they are still around you helping your through life. Please know that your loved ones are not here to tell you “the future”, they are simply conveying messages of survival and love. I often get asked "Is it necessary to bring any objects, or photos to a reading?" It is not a necessity, but I will gladly take a look at any objects or photos for a client after the reading is completed. I do this to keep the integrity of the session as clean and evidence based as possible.

Thank you for allowing me to connect with your loved ones.

Being a medium is truly an honor and privilege.

Blessings and honor,

I was also interested in mediums, but just wasn't sure I wanted to pay for something that ended up not being legit. Tracy was sweet with my stoic attitude and blew me away when she was able to connect to my grandmother and say my children's names.

Mia Winnicki

I am here to let everyone here know, Tracy is a Godsend. I am so very thankful she was put in my path, and it could not have been any better timing. With Tracy’s abilities to connect me with my father, I was finally able to let go of years of heartache and sorrow and debilitating despair. I walked into a group scenario, kind of skeptical and not looking for anything, and enjoying my surroundings. I was truly surprised my father came through so strongly. I gave her absolutely NO direction and there is no way she could have known the things she was telling me. I have chills again typing this out. Suffice to state, with Tracy’s guidance, my father gave me what I could not give myself. He gave me permission. Permission to stop fighting; permission to let go of the anger; permission to actually feel sorry for the evil one; permission to breathe and most importantly, permission to live a life without guilt and despair. I could go on but I think my readers understand.

Thank you Tracy, for everything…….

Susan Contersa

Tracy is amazing! She has been spot on about people coming into my life, jobs, personal verifications, and her mediumship is out of this world (haha). Honestly, her ability to connect with loved ones past has been invaluable.

Loretta Achee

I had an incredible encounter with Tracy today. I was doing my usual trying not to make eye contact with anyone, least someone see that I am a wreck. She zoomed right in on me and without expecting anything from it, began to help calm me and help me work through what it was that had me so terrified and overwhelmed. I decided to do a short session with her, and what a treat. I will definitely be seeing her again. I had such a positive experience, it was such a blessing. I can't wait until I can sit with her again. Thanks a million Tracy

Tresa Moss-Compton