Is Magic real, or made up fairy tale shit?

Growing up at least under the age of ten years old I saw magic everywhere. All the fairy tale cartoons, books and movies we were fed told us magic was everywhere, but it seemed only a few chosen ones could have access to this magic. It begs to question, is magic just made up and used as a comfort mechanism to get through life or is there magic at play here?

We have seen countless shows and movies depicting magic to be a very real force like Charmed (original series) & Practical Magic but usually thrust upon the characters by some tragic event, surprise lineage reveal or accidental encounter.

As a child I was attracted to all things mystical & magical, I wanted to believe in magic and all the good that comes with it. Mostly, I wanted to believe I had power because I was stuck in a chaotic & toxic family environment.

Trust Your Magic, not the mayhem

Ancient magicians did it daily

Back in the day, way back in the day you can bet magical practitioners participated in daily rituals in attempts to influence the world around and inside of them. They were true believers in using symbols, sacred objects and rituals to assist them in all areas of life.

They flowed with the seasons and signs from nature for their next steps in life.  It’s interesting that every culture on this planet has its own unique form of magic that has been passed down for centuries.

Then along came modern science and fact based evidence that squashed so called ancient magic and asked us to put away our childish fantasies and grow up. Yes, I am grateful for modern medicine which has saved my life but my heart & soul knows there is more to this world than modern science has not caught up with.

That’s my wand, bitch

It’s funny what happens when we get caught up in someone else’s stories about us, it’s like they put a spell on us attempting to forever curse us to whatever level of misery they deem suitable.

Mainly, we mistakenly adopted these stories from parental figures & family members  who have a massive influence on us whether we are consciously aware of it or not from birth to 7 years old.

When we start our schooling years we can say bye, bye, magic and imagination and hello logic and critical thinking. For some of us natural born creatives and sensitives this can be a death sentence for our inner magic. It can go dormant, laying in wait for the day when we say “ That’s my wand, bitch” and I am taking it back.

Don’t mistake me, we do keep some of our natural creativity but for the most part we are only permitted to use it in a way that is accepted by our society, family or culture we are around.

Trust Your Magic, not the mayhem

What if I said, you are your magic wand?  The magic you have inside of you can co-create a world you enjoy living in.  A supportive, loving and benevolent world, where you wield power to create and become responsive versus reactive.

Interesting that Hollywood got it kind right with discovering our magic through traumatic events, sudden realizations, or having synchronistic encounters. These light bulb events help us to remember, we have a lot more power than what we were told growing up or in our society.

In the past few years my life blew up in ways that were out of my control and tested the very foundation of my own belief in my magic.

It was big intense emotional events that seemed to come like waves, one right after the other.  The gifts were not obvious to me at the time but I kept in mind, What’s coming is going, and This too shall pass. I pulled out every tool in the Spiritual tool kit; and picked up a few new ones as well to assist me to stay in the here and now, understand how I got where I was, and co-create a plan to move forward with ease & grace.

During 3  sessions we deep dive into the essence that is you.

  • We explore your past, not only this life but past lives to gather useful information to understand how you got to this point in your present life.
  • We meet your spirit and animal guides to help us re-map your subconscious and discard old stories that no longer serve you in life moving forward.  Plus we meet new kick ass allies that can assist you.
  • Take a detailed look at what a future moving forward can feel and look like for you.
  • There is sooooo much more

Trust Your Magic was created to grant you a 360 view of where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to go from here. We remove the emotional charges which plagued you at one time from making new choices for your life.

The most common questions asked to me are:

  • Why do I feel so stuck in my life?
  • I want to move, change careers or leave a relationship but I am scared to.
  • My life blew up, now what???
  • How did I end up in the same place again???

These are not simple one statement answers, this is going to take some time investigating to get a clear map.

Trust Your Magic, Not the mayhem was created to help you get out of your own way and experience a life full of peace, creativity and freedom.

Do I believe Magic is real?

Heck yes I do!!  We all need a Minerva McGonagall in our lives to show, nurture and encourage our unique magic.  I am not Minerva McGonagall but I will do my very best to show you how to experience and create with your own divine magic.  Who knows, maybe you will realize you can fly with dragons.

Ready to Trust Your Magic, not the mayhem?

Today is the perfect dat to get you sessions booked and start to create new practical magic in your life.

P.S. Your future self thanks you.

Tracy St. Croi

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