Ayahuasca: Gateway to your Soul

We have all heard by now of the endless wonders of DMT (dimethylthryptamine) and the lasting effects it can induce.   The drink called ayahuasca allows for DMT which is naturally found in our body to be activated and therefore induces a “journey or trip”.

Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years by Amazonian tribes mainly to help heal and transform their people.  Everything from ceremonies celebrating a boy going into manhood to a tribal person having mental troubles and needed help.

I have known about ayahuasca ceremonies for years and really wanted to participate in one; without having to travel to South America to partake.

Most of us understand, ask and you shall receive my dear.  One sweet day synchronicity kicked in and I was introduced to a women who was hosting an ayahuasca ceremony in Austin that coming weekend and offered me a spot.

After verifying this was a legit ceremony I said “yes” with great excitement.

Preparation for ceremony

Ayahuasca is not for everyone and it is not the “cure all”.  In order to participate you need to be in a healthy state of mind and body.

If you have mental disorders such as:

  • bi-polar
  • psychophrenia
  • severe depression
  • addiction (drugs or alcohol) (only with specialist handling, see Gabor Mate, youtube)
  • Un-address trauma; sexual or physical

The list goes on, you are not advised to take ayahuasca in the normal run of things.

A good facilitator of a ceremony will give you a full list of medical conditions that are not compatible with taking ayahuasa. Thankfully I was a qualified participant.

I had about a week to prepare for the ceremony in which you are asked to eat a clean style of diet, which means:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Sex
  • Very low sugar
  • No processed foods.

This helps to detox your body to allow for the fullest effect of the ayahuasca.  I am not going to sugar coat it that was tough week with no caffeine and low sugar.

Most ceremonies are held outside and start during the evening if possible, we were given instructions to wear comfortable clothing and bring mats, pillows and covers with us.

My ceremony took place in late April where the evening weather was perfect and clear skies for us.

The first ceremony begins

As with all shamanic ceremonies we made an alter by hand to honor the four cardinal directions and all the spirit helpers that would be there to assist us during our very individual journeys.

Our alter was a gorgeous layout of chocolate, flowers, wine, seeds, money and crystals. All five of us who were taking the ayahusca along with the shaman Shaba and his associate Jessica opened up the circle by setting our intentions and giving thanks to all the Spirit helpers.

Shaba then went into a short explanation of what to expect after taking the ayahusaca and during our experience. He asked us to embrace the energy that comes to you and surrender to your soul and what it wants to show you.  We were reassured if we needed anything during the ceremony, he and Jessica were there to assist us.

The explanation was very helpful and helped me to feel safe and secure to go on a very intense journey inward.

Shaba called us up one by one to drink 1 oz of ayahusca and give a blessing during our journeys.  Ayahusca does not taste good at all. It tasted like burnt coffee and very bitter.  What do you expect? You’re drinking crushed plants after all.

Out of my body I go

Within ten minutes I started feeling tired and laid down on my mats where the trip began. I saw fractals of light that got bigger and brighter and would wash over me. I began to feel a rush of energy from the top of my head to toes. At that point I knew I was going on a trip.  I felt my soul leaving my body and being pulled upwards and suspended.

I was not scared and in fact I was excited to see what was next. A door had opened and I was simply observing my beautiful universe.  I was seeing colors and feeing joy like I had never before.

I heard very clear incites and Devine truth about my life, saw old memories, both good and not so good ones. This was all a way to process from a higher perspective old beliefs, judgments and resentments in order to let them go.

I became aware of my life and what areas I was doing quite well in and where I needed improvements. All of this was happening and I knew I was in a very safe, free, joy filled space.

After a while I started to realize that I was going back into my body; a body that was doing full and complete breaths while I was away. A breathing technique my body uses to release old energy and allow for new energy to enter.

As we all started to come back slowly to gather ourselves we took a short break before starting the second ceremony.

Second time is more Divine

It was just after 7 am when we started the second ceremony where we took 2, 1oz doses of ayahusca.  I had heard about the “purge” and I am here to tell you it is real.  I am not a fan of puking at all and I was determined to not puke, wrong, really wrong.

Within 10-15 minutes all of us were doing our thing but that is a part of the process.   I laid down once again and I felt a wave of cold flow from my head to my toes, I started seeing the fractals again but this time more intense in color and feelings like they were a part me.

The door to your soul opens

I felt this energy flowing through my body as I was ushered out of my body once again.  This time the feelings, words and messages I received were more intense and I could feel them as Divine truth.

I could feel what it was to just be a Soul not attached to a body. This is one of the most joyful, empowering experience I had with Ayahuasca.  At this time in my life I had a few serious issues I was facing and to be suspended in a state where you defenses are down and you’re communing with your soul was priceless.

Time was suspended as we did these ceremonies. I had no awareness that over fifteen hours had passed by since we started the first ceremony.

When we all made our way back to our bodies we had a small bit to eat and closed the circle down.  We said a thanks to all helpful Spirits and to the healing and transformation that took place.  We said a special thanks to Shaman Shaba and Jessica who throughout both ceremonies kept a watchful eye on the situation both physical and energetically.


After an Ayahuasca adventure

This ceremonies took place on Good Friday preceding Easter weekend.  I am not Catholic but I do know the energy for death and rebirth was primed and ready to be utilized by all during that time.  It has shown in my life significantly. I had a sugar addiction and after the ceremony it had dissolved and no longer managed my life. My confidence in myself and what my purposes here in this life are have been solidified.  I no longer carried around old guilt and shame from the past which felt like I released 1,000lb weight. I have a deeper truth and knowingness that I am a Soul that is directed connected to my God and I always will be.

Ayahuasca is not for everyone, but for those who choose to go on an ayahuasca journey it is one that will forever change your view of the universe and your role in it.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear”

Tracy St. Croi