The Journey Within took a new twist


My schooling as a psychic medium was of the typical sort up until I was fully aware of my abilities working with Spirit. The question became where do I go to strengthen and better understand the mechanics of my psychic and mediumship abilities? I wanted to learn from teachers who held themselves to the highest set of principles and ethics; those who viewed and honored this work as sacred ground.  Without a Hogwarts to assist me in seeking great teachers, I did what never failed me: I prayed. I asked for guidance as to where I could receive proper training. Guidance and synchronicity came in quickly and I was guided to The Journey Within Spiritualist Church in New Jersey.  This is where tutors from the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK come to teach in the United States. Alas, my Hogwarts materialized.

I was very excited to take a formal mediumship class with a British medium named Stella who knew her craft inside and out.  It was a three day intensive course to assess what level our abilities were at and challenge us to go further and trust Spirit.  Within the first hour of class Stella started to call each one of us up to the front of the class to demonstrate our mediumship. No pressure at all.  At that point I was only doing one on one sittings with people for mediumship sessions.  However, I’ve heard “if you’re not willing to do something that scares the crap out of you, you’re not living.”  To my delight, demonstrating in front of others was oddly comfortable and that was confirmation that I was in the right place.

Over the next couple of days we were introduced to methodologies and exercises that gave our evidential mediumship structure and focus. We had ample time to practice; which is the really fun part.  Stella reviewed the ethics and principles of this type of work, and how we have to take responsibility for our lives.  The course gave me the tools to better connect with Spirit, but keep grounded in practicality as well. Jackpot! By the end of the course each one of us was advised on how we could improve our mediumship readings for the public.

Spirit knows what our next step is and our  job is to take the cues and follow them, and that’s just what I did:  Posted on the events board was a flyer advertising platform mediumship with John Holland and Janet Nohavac. The class was to be held later in the year.  Leap and the net will appear!  I followed Spirits cue and wisely booked the class.I returned to Austin with a renewed perspective on the work my Soul had chosen to do this lifetime. I implemented the tools I had acquired, saw my mediumship flourish and opportunities opened up.

In the blink of an eye the time had arrived to return to The Journey Within.  This time, I was more grounded and stable with my mediumship and ready to learn a new level.  Wish granted; time to put your big girl pants on!  Working with John and Janet was priceless and the most intense work I have done yet.  They covered a large amount of material in a short period of time. Ethics, principals, managing your energy and the energy of a room.  They challenged us to trust the information we are given, as Spirit does not waste a thought.  We were asked to grow into the medium we are destined to be and be patient with the process.  We left The Journey Within, paper in hand and with an assessment from John and Janet on what we excelled at and ways to continue to improve our evidential mediumship.

I left The Journey Within in a state of gratitude and humbleness knowing I will return at some point. This school is a blessing to all who enter her doors.  If you are searching for proper training in mediumship or to improve your psychic abilities, The Journey Within is your jumping off point in the United States.

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