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my trip to Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, England

Arthur Findlay

Arthur Findlay College, the global epicenter of psychic and mediumship studies is a college I had dreamed of attending. Often times lovingly referred to as Hogwarts, I knew I would one day grace those halls but I had no idea how or when that would come about.  As my life was drastically changing for the better in the Spring of 2015, synchronicity started kicking in.   Suddenly, attending Arthur Findlay was within reach.  My soul sister pointed out a class that seemed divinely designed for me.  When doing a quick search to see if it was indeed divinely inspired we found a non-stop flight to London so cheap we both did a double take.

Off to Arthur Findlay I went, in October of 2015!!!  Having been to the UK before I was excited to return. I was open to having new experiences and meeting likeminded people.  Upon arriving at Stansted train station I immediately met another student who was on her way up to the college.  We decided to share a cab, as it is a short drive from Stansted village to the college.  When the cab arrived the driver asked “where are you going?”  We said “Arthur Findlay College.” “Ohhhh, spook hall you mean, right oww.”  Well, I guess we knew what the villagers thought of the college.

If you have not been to Arthur Findlay, nothing can prepare you for the opulence of the building and grounds.  It is a three story massive stone and brick estate that stands proud and tall on top of a hill.  The interior of the estate is welcoming and has been very well preserved in time with a lot of the original furniture and décor.  If you adore the style of the late Victorian era, you will love the look and feel of Arthur Findlay.  I adored sitting by the grand stair case and the many stunning garden areas to soak up the vibes of the ancient sanctuary.

When you check in you receive a map of the estate; you will need it at least for the first day or so.  The building has three levels, with multiple winding staircases, and long hallways that are fun exploring and getting lost a bit in.  My roommate was a fun and intelligent entrepreneur from New York City. Our room had two windows that faced the lush green horse pastures, and a fantastic view of the estate.  We jokingly would state “We are princesses,” because we had such a great view.  The rooms are dorm style.  There was a small closet for each of us and a kettle station for tea in the morning.  I highly recommend walking the path behind the school that leads into the village to get arthur findlay stair wellcoffee in the morning.  Gorgeous views and great exercise start your day off on the right foot.

If you have not attended Arthur Findlay College before, you should know that you will get your money’s worth in every way.  Students are typically in class for twelve hours a day, although there are plenty of breaks during the day. The food is great too.  It is not a joke when you hear Arthur Findlay is “Spiritual boot camp”.  The class I participated in explored energy management and mediumship.  We had four highly trained SNU teachers to guide us through multiple exercises and confidence building schemes every day.  This allowed me to experience and explore modalities I had not yet tried along with tutoring in my specialty of platform mediumship.  I was able to experience trance mediumship where I learned “give trance a chance” and trance healing.  The best experience I was gifted to see was a demonstration of physical and trance mediumship by Helen Da Vita and Leah Bond in the library.  Reportedly, the library is one of the most active rooms in the estate.  What I witnessed that night was truly an amazing demonstration of trust and dedication to their craft and Spirit.

When classes are dismissed for the evening most would pop into the lounge/pub area for a beverage and to dance and sing karaoke.   It was a great way to work off the energy that we had pumping through us and get to know other classmates.

Arthur Findlay is a paranormal hot spot that lives up to its reputation.  Many of its spirit residents are permanently around the estate.  I had my experience of that first hand. While I was sitting in the reception area I felt that “ol familiar feeling” I looked up to see on the security monitor a very large orb come up the front steps and veer directly into the side wall.  I stood up and shouted “did you see that?” The ladies at reception were very calm and said “yes, we see that kind of activity quite often”.  Well, the villagers were right to name it spook hall.

I was sad to leave Arthur Findlay, but I know I will be returning again very soon.  Making the choice of attending Arthur Findlay was the best decision I could have made to bolster my confidence and trust in Spirit as we co-create together. I can’t say enough wonderful things about AFC, its staff and my experience there.  If you want to study and hone your craft, I highly recommend taking a class or two or three! at Arthur Findlay College.




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