San Diego for the Soul

As the wheels of the airplane touched down in San Diego I breathed a sigh of relief and felt a sense of being home again.  San Diego is a place of deep healing, fresh starts and a soul sanctuary for me.  Its lush greenery, palm trees and the gorgeous cost line ignite a sense of calm and peace to all.  San Diego’s perfect weather year round make is a hot spot for sunbirds of all sorts from all over the world.  Never a dull moment I tell ya.

This particular trip like so many before centered on huge new beginnings that I was honored and excited to be a part of.  My soul sister purchased her first home in La Jolla and needed help organizing the house.  You don’t have to twist my arm to go to San Diego and help organizing a gorgeous home in La Jolla.

A familiar feel

On the drive to the house I felt a familiarity with the home already and didn’t know why.  As we pulled into the neighborhood I just knew where the house was even though I had never been before. When I arrived all the packages were waiting for us that were pre-ordered online.  In fact there were so many packages the neighbors reported this to the real-estate agent.  As I started to unload the packages and take a look around this fabulous home it suddenly hit me.  I recently dreamed about being in a huge all white home that was not mine but I had a connection with it.  The house was completely white; white carpets, walls, baseboards, everything. That certainly answered why I knew where the house was and why I felt so familiar with it.  I love being psychic.

We had a lot to get organized and a limited amount of time to do it.  A challenge you say; well we are the women for the job.  Thank God for fantastic and reliable friends in the area who were able to recommend a handy man and other valuable resources we needed to get a great start.  My first task was to find three contractors to interview to remodel the house.  Being psychic comes in handy with tasks such as this one.  I fired up the internet and soon had three great candidates lined up to interview in the coming days.

Often times it takes me a day or so to settle into a new setting but it was easy with this home. Who wouldn’t a bedroom with an amazing ocean view for the week?   What made this stay steller was being woke up to your bestie saying “Want to go to the beach for sunrise and check out the surfers?”  Ahhh, the cleansing ocean, a large cup of coffee, and my soul sister in the morning, now that’s what I call paradise.

As the first couple of days got started I couldn’t help but sense the previous owner was popping in to check us out.  A women who loved this home and the family she raised there.  I would feel her and get glimpses of her walking through the rooms.  Being a medium I could sense she just wanted to check us out and be helpful.   As the contractors arrived to be interview I could feel her there giving us support for the changes to come in the home.

Rejuvenation Stations

It wasn’t all work and no play while in San Diego.  Being the women we are we wanted to get our spa time in so we headed to the best spa in San Diego, Karma Spa in Hillcrest.   This spa has it all and will leave you feeling like you‘re walking on cloud nine when you leave.  Sprinkle in a few fantastic dinners with friends beachside and you have the perfect combination for a working holiday.

Soul Sanctuary

The new and improved soul sanctuary will be complete soon and filled with loving family and friends to make this a joyous, fun and loved filled home for the next generation.  I am very grateful and blessed to have access to such a place and my wish is for everyone to have a sanctuary in their lives.

Claim a place and make it your own soul sanctuary.  Find a space in your home and put items that make you feel love and joy in there.  Use colors that help you to feel positive, joyful and peaceful when you are there.  Keep a journal nearby so you can write ideas or inspirations that come to you in your sacred place. Having a space we feel comfortable and safe in allows us to get in touch with ourselves and our Divine source without distractions of the outside world.  Have fun with it and know you can always change it up as you see fit.

Love and Light,

Tracy St. Croi