How to manifest with New moon

Working with the moon cycles is nothing new to our grandparent’s generation.  If you have famers in your family or sailors you might have heard how they planted seeds and set sail on the high seas during a new moon.   Or, perhaps you have heard the famous line of “you will know your answer by the end of the full moon” and wondered how does that work?   What I choose to share with you is how moon cycles help us out in the here and now and how can you get a rhythm with moon?

  Using New moon for manifesting

Every twenty eight days the moon makes its rotation around the sun.  During the twenty eight day rotation the moon stations itself in a zodiac sign for 2 ½ days before moving on to the next sign.  By utilizing the qualities of the zodiac sign the new moon is stationed in will help with manifesting.  For example if new moon is in the sign of Taurus, we can focus on issues of finances, business building, and letting go of stubbornness. You don’t have to focus your manifesting on what sign the moon is in during new moon. However, when you do it gives your manifesting a good kick start.

Start by writing down what you choose to manifest by starting each desire with

– I choose this or something better…

– I desire to experience this or something better….

Including something better allows you to be open to the universe bringing you gifts that you would have never expected.

Concluding each desire with:

-All done with ease, grace, joy and fun.  Or add in whatever adjectives you choose.

Sign with:

-So it is. This signifies what you are manifesting is here and you can feel it.

For example:

I choose this or something better…

I choose to increase my clientele bookings by 25% or more doing what I love with my mediumship readings.  All done with ease, grace, joy, fun and amazement.

So it is.

Now that you have written what you choose to manifest fold your piece of paper(s) hold it next to your heart and feel that what you have chosen is already here for you.  Feel your goal, desire, or wish has come knocking on your door.  You can visualize handing your paper over to your angel, guide or whoever your divine source is.  Knowing you have been heard and your desires are taken care of.

One of the most important aspects to manifesting is feeling your desire is already in the here and now.  Be on the lookout for synchronistic signs that your desire is indeed being fulfilled.

Place what you have written down in a scared place.  Some people place them in ornate boxes others on the window cill to get light.  Whatever feels right to you go with it.


Full moon in manifesting

Full moon is typically two weeks or so apart from new moon. During those two weeks the seeds you planted have had time to germinate and grow.  Full moons are about illuminating something that has once been hidden.  You will see progress in you what you want to manifest. Sometimes in the form of an epiphany or a helpful person appears to assist in your goal or your desire come to manifest itself.

Helpful Resources

To track what zodiac sign the moon is currently in I recommend

Apps for your phone:

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