Had a wonderful session today with Tracy, it was phenomenal! I got incite on my business and I had a very dear friend appear in our session that brought me to tears! Thank you so much! I will see you again on the next visit
Today was a phenomenal day! This past weekend I attended The Healing Arts Festival and Market that my mentor sponsors twice a month. This weekend was a very enlightening visit. As I consulted with my mentor she advised that s visit with Tracy St. Croi would be a blessing for me and a eye opening session. As I had my session with Tracy she advised me of things to come with my business, personal life, and visions of future plans I have been setting forth for expansion and 2 more Locations. She advised me of other abilities I have and how to channel them.
As this week has passed everything she shared with me has visualized! I made a new contact with a customer that we will be starting our segment on radio (free of cost) and he also got me link with a ladies group of other business owners that help with lifting other like minded individuals! I felt so blessed! Like I was walking on a cloud! I took all her visions and have run full speed ahead! Changing the dynamics of the office! New pricing and more spa amenities that co-inside with our specialties!
Thank you Tracy! Everything has been 100% on point! Including the chocolate! ..lol
If anyone has the chance to visit with her, she’s a blessing! See you soon Tracy!