4 week long Intuitive Development Class

Have you ever wondered “how could I have known that?” or curious why you seem to sense things about people you just met and you come to find out your hunch was spot on?
Yep, that is your intuition or psychic abilities speaking to you, and We Are All Born With Intuition. Some of us are a bit more aware of our intuition but no one guided us to work with it and understand our intuition. I certainly don’t recall having the option to take a getting to know your intuition class in school.

I would have been all over a psychic development class had it been offered.

Do you have that one person in your life that you get overwhelmed when you are around them and you don’t know how to manage this? This is where learning about energetic management can assist you with saving your energy for what matters most to you.

Sounds like a fabulous time right?

We will talk about what intuition is and is not. It’s true, sometimes our mind gets in the way of intuitive information.
What’s your dominant psychic strength? We are going to discover the answer and ways to continually strengthen your intuition.

Next Class Starts:

January 16th 2024 Via Zoom

What will you learn?

  • How to ask to right questions to get the best intuitive guidance with your preferred divination tool
  • The Do’s & Please freaking Don’t with divination tools.
  • Psychic Abilities vs Mediumship Skills
  • Oracle & Tarot Card layouts
  • Many Laws Of the Universe
  • Harness the power of your emotions
  • If you have wanted an intuitive development course that allows you to take your time learning & experiencing your intuition in a space that is safe, and supportive with the intention we all grow together, then this is for you.

Schedule your free discovery call with Tracy to get your questions answered and determine if this is right for you.

What Will You Gain:

  • A growing trust in your intuition
  • Knowing how to work with multiple divination tools
  • Understanding Your Intuitive Mechanics
  • Solid Foundation for any future metaphysical work
  • Sacred bond with your classmates

I welcome all levels of knowledge in this course as we know We never

stop learning in this gig of life. As you grow, we grow.

I believe it’s best to learn multiple perspectives from different tutors in metaphysics. That is why I have planned out special guest tutors to pop in and tell you about their specialties and experiences within metaphysics.

Plus, if you know me, I can’t resist a kick-ass field trip to a location we will choose as a group to turn up at and put our skills to work. Obviously, I live in the
Austin Texas area and that is where are field trip would take place.

Go on, sign up today, your future self thanks you.

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What do you need for this class?

  • Fresh & New notebook
  • Your gorgeous open mind
  • Oracle Deck.

**** There are no refunds issued once you have registered