Congratulations, for bravely choosing a new adventure for your soul.
Welcome to Intuitive Development

For those who have been on your spiritual journey for a minute you have become accustomed to being flexible and trying new things even when we want to stomp our feet and demand for things to stay the same. I fought that universal law, and the law won every dang time. This past Summer reminded me to create new opportunities to share the knowledge I have to help others in their journeys.
It could work out better than you could even imagine, indeed it has.

Starting in November I will be offering a 2 month long Group Intuitive Development Course via zoom. If you have taken a weekend course with me prior to this then you know I do my best to give y’all the kitchen sink plus, in a course. That’s exactly what I will do in a 2 month course with you.


  • What Will You Learn
  • Psychic abilities vs Mediumship Skills
  • Divination Tools do’s & don’ts
  • Oracle & Tarot Card layouts
  • Many Laws Of the Universe
  • Harness the power of your emotions
  • Plus So much more!!!

If you have wanted an intuitive development course that allows you to take your time learning & experiencing your intuitions in a space that is safe, supportive with the intention we all grow together, then this is for you.

Intuitive Group Development Classes

Let’s face it, reading intuitive books and binge watching psychic development videos can only provide so much information for you to learn, no ability to ask questions or get clarity on how this can relate to your mechanics as an intuitive.

I am creating a pod where you can take your time, develop strong bonds with your fellow classmates and feel free to speak and ask questions in a non judgmental space.

There is magic with group work, bonding with your classmates and the material being taught.

What Will You Gain

  • A growing trust in your intuition
  • Knowing how to work with multiple divination tools
  • Understanding Your Intuitive Mechanics
  • Solid Foundation for any future work
  • Sacred bond with your classmates

I welcome all levels of knowledge in this course as we know We never 

stop learning in this gig of life.  As you grow, we grow.

I believe it’s best to learn multiple perspectives from different tutors in metaphysics and that is why I have planned out special guest tutors to pop in and tell you about their specialties and experiences within metaphysics.

Plus, if you know me, I can’t resist a kick-ass field trip to a location we will choose as a group to turn up at and put our skills to work.

What’s Next?

After you have reserved your spot in the class you will receive an email with a link to join our first call on
Thursday November 3rd at 7:00pm Central Time.

In this call we will discuss

  • What day and time works best for the group to meet for classes
    General Housekeeping
    How to get the most out of our time together
    Where you can access the recorded zoom class calls

Welcome to a new soul adventure.

Tracy St. Croi