1 Day Beginning Intuitive Development

It could work out better than you could even imagine, indeed it has.

This class is 1 day long Group Intuitive Development Course via zoom. If you want to explore your gifts or see what your psychic gifts are and how you can use them to assist your personal growth and create the life you desire, this course is for you. 


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     I believe Everything occurs in divine right timing, some of us learn this quickly and others like myself, take a few minutes to accept this.  My wish is this 1 day long class is divine right timing for you.

    It's hard to believe now but when my gifts were developing, I doubted them and my ability to help anyone.  I was very insecure, newly sober and my life had done a 180 in a matter of months after getting sober.  

     By divine appointment I found a safe and fun space to learn and trust myself in the intuitive development classes.  I made friends with kick-ass people, some who were way ahead in years on their spiritual development but most were newbies like myself. 

    If you have been hearing the call to develop your intuitive gifts, this could be the perfect time for you. 

    My goal is to pack this 1 day with as much foundational psychic development as possible!

Let’s face it, reading intuitive books and binge watching psychic development videos can only provide so much information for you to learn, no ability to ask questions or get clarity on how this can relate to your mechanics as an intuitive.

I am creating an intuitive pod where you can take your time, and feel free to speak and ask questions in a non-judgmental space.


What will your Learn?

  • Psychic abilities; time to meet the Clairs
  • Divination Tools 
  • Get to Know your Psychic Mechanics
  • What is your dominant psychic skill today?
  • Your imagination & Synchronicity for manifesting

There is magic with group work, bonding with your classmates, and the material being taught.

What Will You Gain

  • A growing trust in your intuition
  • Knowing how to work with multiple divination tools
  • Understanding Your Intuitive Mechanics
  • Solid Foundation for any future work
  • Sacred bond with your classmates

I welcome all levels of knowledge in this course as we know We never stop learning

Here are the answers to  Common Questions Asked:

If I miss this class are they recorded?

YES!!  All classes are recorded and you will have full access to them. 

Can I buy this class as a gift for someone else?

Yes, you sure can. 

Have More Questions?

Schedule a very quick call with me.

Discovery Call

Class Start Dates:

June 3rd 6:00p-8:30pm, Central via Zoom

Price for 1 day  Class


****There are No Refunds once you have purchased this class.


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We never stop learning in this gig of life.  As you grow, we grow.

I believe it’s best to learn multiple perspectives from different tutors in metaphysics and that is why I have planned out special guest tutors to pop in and tell you about their specialties and experiences within metaphysics.

Plus, if you know me, I can’t resist a kick-ass field trip to a location we will choose as a group to turn up at and put our skills to work. Obviously, I live in the
Austin Texas area and that is where are field trip would take place.

After you have reserved your spot in the class you will receive a welcome email with a link to join our first class

What to Bring?

  • Note Book
  • Open Mind & Heart
  • Deck of oracle cards, if you have them

Welcome to a new soul adventure.

Tracy St. Croi