1 Day Beginning Mediumship Development

It could work out better than you could even imagine, indeed it has.

This class is 1 day long Group Mediumship Development Course via zoom. The goal of this class is familarize yourself with your mechanics as a medium.


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Would you love to know you’re not mental or going crazy when you feel your loved ones in Spirit near you? 

Question?  Do you often sense the spirit of other people’s relatives near you when you are in a group setting?

Or have you ever been in an old castle, home or estate and seen or felt the spirits of people who have lived there in the past? 


Yep, this a part of mediumship, which is the ability to sense and communicate accurately with the spirit world.

-Are you ready to take it a few steps further and develop your gifts?  I invite you to join us for this 1 day long class for Beginner Mediumship Development.

This class is designed for the beginner’s mind in mediumship, however all levels of experience are welcome to join the class. 

I am creating an learning pod where you can take your time, and feel free to speak and ask questions in a non-judgmental space.

   For those who are unfamilar with me, I am an Alumni of the world renowned Arthur Findlay College Of Psychic Sciences and The Journey Within Spiritualist Church where I  learned to harness and hone my mediumship skills to be the voice of Spirit in this world.  My  passion is to seeing others lite up when they make a solid link to the spirit world and deliver a beautiful message for the first time.

What will your Learn?

  • What mediumship is, and what are the falsehoods looming out there
  • How your mechanics as a medium work
  • The difference between psychic work & Mediumship
  • How to receive accurate information to deliver to the recipient
  • How information comes through to you
  • Different styles of mediumship
  • How to sit in the power and harness Your light
  •  Proper ethics & Responsibilities

There is magic with group work, bonding with your classmates, and the material being taught.

What Will You Gain

  • Experience your “calling card” from the spirit world
  • A loving connection with Spirit to help you build trust in yourself
  • Connect & develop with other like hearted people
  • The difference between your mind’s information and Spirits
  • Being comfortable with the basic A,B,C’s of mediumship message delivery

I welcome all levels of knowledge in this course as we know We never stop learning

Mediumship is a beautiful ability and has the power to heal and soothe those who are grieving their loved ones. There is Nothing to fear with mediumship.

Here are the answers to  Common Questions Asked:

If I miss this class are they recorded?

YES!!  All classes are recorded and you will have full access to them. 

Can I buy this class as a gift for someone else?

Yes, you sure can. 

Have More Questions?

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Class Start Dates:

May 15th 6:00pm Central to 8:30PM via Zoom

Price for 1 day  Class


*****There are no refunds for this class


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We never stop learning in this gig of life.  As you grow, we grow.

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What to Bring?

  • Note Book
  • Open Mind & Heart to welcome to a new soul adventure.

Tracy St. Croi