Spirit Energy is still around you helping your through life
Get your business ahead
Get your business ahead
Using Intuitive business coaching to help you grow and manage your business

Mediumship & Psychic Sessions

At appointed time of arrival I would do a mediumship demonstration where I would bring your loved ones and friends through to deliver messages. I can’t guarantee everyone will get a direct message but everyone will have some fun. After the demo I would be available for those who would like a 15-20 minute reading with me in a quieter and private area.
Open house with Mediumship and Psychic Sessions

This gathering is great for those who want a session with me at your event but are unable to arrive at the start time. The host would schedule the guests a time with me that allows them to receive their reading and still enjoy the event. This would include a mediumship demonstration to start the party.
Classic Tarot Sessions

I would simply set up in a quieter and private area of the event to give intuitive reading to your guest using my unique abilities and tarot cards. Each private session time limit lasting 15-20 minutes.

Are you ready to find out what Spirit has in store for you?

No one loves a great party more than I do and I would be thrilled to attend your next event. You will be the talk of the town and everyone will surly remember your last gathering when you have a medium and intuitive turn up.
I do include a travel fee and a minimum hour fee.

Please call or email me with questions and to book your next event.